Unifi, Inc.

Unifi, Inc., incorporated is a manufacturing company. The Company processes and sells commodity yarns, specialized yarns and premier value-added (PVA) yarns. The Company operates through three segments: Polyester segment, Nylon segment and International segment. The Company’s polyester products include polyester polymer beads (Chip), partially oriented yarn (POY), textured, solution and package dyed, twisted, beamed and draw wound yarns. Each polyester product is available in virgin or recycled varieties, where the recycled is made from both pre-consumer yarn waste and post-consumer waste, including plastic bottles. The Company’s nylon products include textured, solution dyed and spandex covered products. The Company’s principal geographic markets for its products are located in North America, Central America, South America and Asia.


Bank Name Unifi, Inc.
Stock Exchange NYSE
Symbol UFI
Sector Consumer Cyclical
Industry Textiles
Country United States
World Region Amarica
Chairman Mr. Kevin Duane Hall
CEO Mr. Kevin Duane Hall
Employees 2850
Website www.unifi.com
Registered Year 1969