Pinnacle Foods, Inc.

Pinnacle’s portfolio of iconic brands has touched the lives of consumers for more than 150 years. The admirable stories of the innovators behind each brand inspire us to continually renovate and innovate our products to keep them in sync with the needs of today’s consumers. Here’s how our great brands got their start.After walking across the country in 1852 during the California Gold Rush, Philip Danforth Armour saved enough money to form Armour and Company in 1867. As the first company to produce canned meat, Armour became Chicago’s most important business and helped make the city and its stockyards the center of the American meatpacking industry. 

Bank Name Pinnacle Foods, Inc.
Stock Exchange NYSE
Symbol PF
Sector Consumer Defensive
Industry Packaged Foods
Country United States
World Region Amarica
CEO Mr. Mark A. Clouse
Employees 4900
Registered Year