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Perceptron, Inc.

Perceptron, Inc.

Perceptron, Inc. (Perceptron), incorporated on September 10, 1981, develops, produces and sells a range of automated industrial metrology products and solutions to manufacturing organizations for dimensional gauging, dimensional inspection and three-dimensional (3D) scanning. The Company’s products include 3D machine vision solutions, robot guidance, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), laser scanning and advanced analysis software. The Company’s products are categorized as In-Line, Near-Line and Off-Line Measurement Solutions (Measurement Solutions); 3D Scanning Solutions, and Value Added Services. The Company operates in the Americas, Europe and Asia.The Company’s In-Line and Near-Line measurement solutions include AutoGauge, AutoFit, AutoScan, AutoGuide and Helix. AutoGauge systems are used in assembly and fabrication plants to contain, correct and control the quality of complex assemblies. AutoGauge systems are placed directly in the manufacturing line or near the line to automatically measure critical dimensional characteristics of parts using non-contact, laser triangulation sensors. AutoGauge can be installed with fixed-mounted sensors, with robot-mounted sensors, or as a hybrid system using both fixed and robot-mounted sensors. AutoFit systems are used in automotive manufacturing plants to contain, correct and control the fit of exterior body panels. The system automatically measures, records and displays the gap and flushness of parts visible to the automobile consumer, such as gaps between front and rear doors, hoods and fenders and deck lids and rear quarter panels. These measurements can be conducted throughout the manufacturing process, including in the body shop during assembly of non-painted vehicles, and in the final assembly area after the vehicle has been painted.

Bank Name Perceptron, Inc.
Stock Exchange NASDAQ
Symbol PRCP
Sector Technology
Industry Electronic Components
Country United States
World Region Amarica
CEO Mr. David Lawrence Watza
Employees 318
Website www.perceptron.com
Registered Year 1981