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Owens Corning Inc

Banco do Brasil SA

In addition to updating many of our regular disclosures for 2016 data, this upgraded presentation now highlights the pillars or our investment thesis in an enhanced corporate section: exposure to attractive macro drivers, market-leading businesses, and an improved portfolio delivering strong earnings growth and cash flow. The improvements we are driving in our businesses have lifted the margin profile of the company, boosted return on capital and significantly improved free cash flow. Owens Corning now ranks at the top of the peer group for free cash flow yield.

Bank Name Owens Corning Inc
Stock Exchange NYSE
Symbol OC
Sector Basic Materials
Industry Industrial Machinery/Components
Country United States
World Region Amarica
Chairman Mr. Michael H. Thaman
CEO Mr. Michael H. Thaman
Employees 17000
Website www.owenscorning.com
Registered Year 1938