Loma Negra Compania Industrial Argentina Sociedad Anonima

The Mission of Loma Negra Foundation for Sustainable Development is to foster social development focused on youth in the areas where the company operates.The company adopts a sustainable business model aiming to combine economic yielding with social development and environmental care for future generations.10 years after the creation of the Foundation, we still work hard to build sustainable partnerships, and therefore, closer relationships with our communities in order to co-create initiatives based on the mutual benefit concept.We focus our actions on 15-to-29-yeard-olds within our operating areas aiming to contribute to their personal and work development.


Bank Name Loma Negra Compania Industrial Argentina Sociedad Anonima
Stock Exchange NYSE
Symbol LOMA
Sector Basic Materials
Industry Building Materials
Country United States
World Region Amarica
CEO Mr. Sergio Damian Faifman
Website www.lomanegra.com
Registered Year 1926