Kala Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Kala Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Kala) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of therapeutics using our proprietary mucus-penetrating particle (MPP) technology, with an initial focus on the treatment of eye diseases.Our MPPs are selectively-sized nanoparticles and have proprietary coatings. We believe that these two key attributes enable even distribution of drug particles on mucosal surfaces and significantly increase drug delivery to target tissues by enhancing mobility of drug particles through mucus and preventing drug particles from becoming trapped and eliminated by mucus.


Bank Name Kala Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Stock Exchange NASDAQ
Symbol KALA
Sector Healthcare
Industry Major Pharmaceuticals
Country United States
World Region Amarica
Chairman Mr. Mark T. Iwicki
CEO Mr. Mark T. Iwicki
Employees 37
Website www.kalarx.com
Registered Year 2009