Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Ironwood is committed to the art and science ofmaking medicines.They inform our drugmaking process. We rely on patients to help us understand and address those unmet needs. Whether we’re transforming knowledge into medicine or tackling the equally challenging task of delivering that medicine to people around the world, patients inspire us.Being a shareholder of Ironwood is about more than owning our shares, it’s about being an owner of our business. We hope to generate outstanding returns for our shareholders, inspiring their continued support so that we can create more medicines and build an enduring pharmaceutical company.Employees shape our future.

Bank Name Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Stock Exchange NASDAQ
Symbol IRWD
Sector Healthcare
Industry Major Pharmaceuticals
Country United States
World Region Amarica
CEO Dr. Peter M. Hecht
Employees 730
Registered Year 1998