Biomerica, Inc.

Biomerica, Inc., incorporated on September 22, 1971, is a biomedical company, which develops, manufactures and markets medical diagnostic products for the early detection and monitoring of chronic diseases and medical conditions. The Company’s medical diagnostic products are sold around the world in over two markets, including clinical laboratories and point of care (physicians’ offices and over-the-counter drugstores). The Company operates in Europe, the United States, Asia, South America, the Middle East and other foreign countries. The Company’s diagnostic test kits are used to analyze blood, urine or fecal specimens from patients in the diagnosis of various diseases and other medical complications, or to measure the level of specific hormones, antibodies, antigens or other substances, which exist in the human body in various concentrations.

Bank Name Biomerica, Inc.
Stock Exchange NASDAQ
Symbol BMRA
Sector Healthcare
Industry Medical/Dental Instruments
Country United States
World Region America
Chairman Mr. Zackary S. Irani
CEO Mr. Zackary S. Irani
Employees 38
Registered Year 1971