United Bank of India

United Bank of India (UBI) is one of the 14 major banks which were nationalized on July 19, 1969. Its predecessor the United Bank of India Ltd., was formed in 1950 with the amalgamation of four banks viz. Comilla Banking Corporation Ltd. (1914), Bengal Central Bank Ltd. (1918), Comilla Union Bank Ltd. (1922) and Hooghly Bank Ltd. (1932) (which were established in the years indicated in brackets after the names). The origin of the Bank thus goes as far back as to 1914. As against 174 branches, Rs. 147 crores of deposits and Rs. 112 crores of advances at the time of nationalisation in July, 1969, today the Bank is 100% CBS enabled with 1999 branches and offices and is having a Total business of more than Rs 2 lac crore. Presently the Bank is having a Three-tier organisational set-up consisting of the Head Office, 35 Regional Offices and the Branches.After nationalisation, the Bank expanded its branch network in a big way and actively participated in the developmental activities, particularly in the rural and semi-urban areas in conformity with the objectives of nationalisation. In recognition of the role played by the Bank, it was designated as Lead Bank in several districts and at present it is the Lead Bank in 30 districts in the States of West Bengal, Assam, Manipur and Tripura. The Bank is also the Convener of the State Level Bankers’ Committees (SLBC) for the States of West Bengal and Tripura.

Bank Name United Bank of India
Stock Exchange NSE
Sector Financial Services
Industry Banks – Regional – Asia
Country India
World Region Asia
CEO Mr. Pawan Kumar Bajaj
Employees 15192
Website www.unitedbankofindia.com
Registered Year 1918


Currency in INR        
  2018 2017 2016 2015
  ₹ cr ₹ cr ₹ cr ₹ cr
Total interest income 32.95 32.82 32.32 32.16
Total Interest Expenses 23.47 23.78 23.89 23.64
Net Interest income 9.48 9.04 8.42 8.52
Total Net Revenue 14.94 14.44 12.36 12.48
Earnings per share        
Basic 0.01 0.00 0.00 0.00
Diluted 0.01 0.00 0.00 0.00
Total current assets 14.97 10.18 7.84
Other assets 71.86 73.31 71.07
Total assets 141.05 129.43 123.03
Total current liabilities 128.25 118.38 111.56
Total liabilities 133.31 123.11 117.2
Total Equity 7.74 6.32 5.83
Net income        
Net cash provided by operating activities 0.04 8.27 3.54
Net cash used for investment activities 0.28 0.87 0.34
Net cash provided by financing activities 3.60 0.39 3.17
Source: www.unitedbankofindia.com        
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