iFresh Inc.

After twenty years of operation, iFresh, Inc. was listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market in February 2017, becoming the first Chinese supermarket chain to be listed on a major US exchange. It shoulders the heavy responsibility of promoting and spreading the Chinese food culture. With the unique capabilities of integrating foreign trade importation and exportation, wholesale and retail as well as warehousing and logistics under one roof, iFresh, Inc. is well positioned to efficiently expand its regional presence. It has also set up exclusive partnerships with a number of leading enterprises in the fields of fruit and vegetable planting, livestock breeding, marine fishing, catering services and commercial real estate. In line with the spirit of “Fresh Everyday”, we aim to introduce fresher, speedier, and more satisfactory product experiences to our customers.From Strong America Ltd. and New York Mart Group, now we have iFresh, Inc., the first public-listed Chinese/Asian supermarket chain in the U.S.,

Bank Name iFresh Inc.
Stock Exchange NASDAQ
Symbol IFMK
Sector Consumer Defensive
Industry Food Chains
Country United States
World Region America
Chairman Mr. Long Deng
CEO Mr. Long Deng
Employees 435
Website www.ifreshmarket.com
Registered Year 1995