HSH Nordbank AG

We are the “bank for entrepreneurs” – the bank for people with foresight, passion and initiative. We are where our clients are: in our home region of North Germany, in the metropolitan regions of Germany and in selected foreign locations. As the “Bank for entrepreneurs” HSH Nordbank represents people possessing foresight, passion and initiative. In particular, it is a competent partner for medium-sized entrepreneurs in their northern German home region and in German metropolitan areas, in both business and personal matters.Nordbank has extensive expertise complemented by a long-standing experience of the corporate client business at its disposal. In this important pillar it focuses principally on the Infrastructure & Logistics, Trade & Food and Industry, Services and Healthcare sectors. It is also among the major finance providers of Renewable Energies and Utilities in Europe and occupies a leading position in commercial real estate finance in Germany, which it makes available to domestic and international clients. In the maritime industry HSH Nordbank is well established and convinces businesses the world over with its know-how, level of service and commitment.

Bank Name HSH Nordbank AG
Stock Exchange
Sector Financial Services
Industry Banking
Country Germany
World Region Europe
CEO Stefan Ermisch
Employees 2000
Website www.hsh-nordbank.com
Registered Year 2003