Highway Holdings Limited

Highway Holdings Limited, incorporated on July 20, 1990, is a holding company. The Company manufactures and supplies various metal, plastic and electric parts, components and products to its original equipment manufacturing (OEM) clients, which are used by the Company’s customers in the manufacturing of products, such as photocopiers, laser printers, compact disc players, laser disc players, computer equipment, electrical components, electrical connectors, vacuum cleaners, light fixtures, electro motors, pumps, automobiles and dishwasher, and other washing machine components. The Company operates in two segments: the metal stamping and mechanical OEM segment, and the electric OEM segment. The metal stamping and mechanical OEM segment focuses on the manufacture and sale of metal parts and components, whereas the electric OEM segment focuses on the manufacture and sale of plastic and electronic parts, components and machines. As part of its manufacturing operations, the Company assists customers in the design and development of the tooling used in the metal and plastic manufacturing process and provides various other manufacturing and engineering services.

Bank Name Highway Holdings Limited
Stock Exchange NASDAQ
Symbol HIHO
Sector Industrials
Industry Metal Fabrications
Country United States
World Region Amarica
Chairman Mr. Roland W. Kohl
CEO Mr. Roland W. Kohl
Website www.highwayholdings.com
Registered Year 1990