Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG

Friedrich Michael Hauck was only 25 years old when he laid the foundations in Frankfurt am Main for the bank of today. On January 1, 1796 he became a partner of a forwarding and commissioning business, which was then renamed Speditions- und Commissionsgeschäft Gebhard & Hauck. While traveling extensively on business across national borders, the qualified merchant Hauck, who originally hailed from the Palatinate region, had built up a large network that would be of great benefit to him.Despite the upheavals that were to follow in the wake of the French Revolution, the opportunities for his own company prevailed, and so he moved to the trading city of Frankfurt am Main. In keeping with the merchant banks of the time, the trading company increasingly began to offer banking transactions.Heinrich Aufhäuser was only slightly older – namely 28 years of age – when he registered a banking business at the Office of Trade of the city of Munich on May 14, 1870. Ten days later, Bank- und Wechselgschäft Scharlach & Aufhäuser, the bank and exchange business which he founded with his partner Samuel Scharlach, opened its doors. Aufhäuser had learned banking “from the ground up,” and knew of the opportunities presented by the industrial and economic boom.

Bank Name Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG
Stock Exchange
Sector Financial Services
Industry Banking
Country Germany
World Region Europe
Website www.hauck-aufhaeuser.com
Registered Year 1796