Exide Life Insurance

Our visual identity tells a brand new story of a bright future, backed by a rich heritage. It retains the legacy of the 'Exide' word mark, reflects warmth through the letterforms of the word ‘Life’, and represents an optimistic future with the simple, yet powerful 'Exide Life Sun'The 'Exide' word mark, with its bold chamfered upper-case letterforms creates an instant visual connect with the parent brand 'Exide'. In addition to this, the colour red represents solidity, dynamism, energy and passion. The word 'Life' reflects caring, gentle, human cues that complement the boldness of the Exide letterforms. The colour blue connotes stability and security. The 'Exide Life Sun' is an unique expression of a universally recognized symbol of 'life' and 'optimism'.These three properties come together seamlessly and beautifully to create a warm, approachable visual identity that reinforces the brand's philosophy of preparing people for a long and happy life.

Bank Name Exide Life Insurance
Stock Exchange
Industry Life Insurance Services
Country India
World Region Asia
Chairman Kshitij Jain
Website www.exidelife.in
Registered Year 2001