Dexia crédit local

Headquartered in France, where it maintains a banking license, Dexia Crédit Local(1) is the Group’s main operating entity, carrying the majority of its assets. Dexia Crédit Local also still has an international presence through its branches in Ireland, the United States, Spain, Portugal and subsidiaries in Germany, Italy and Israel. These entities also hold local banking licences. The Dexia Crédit Local Group has 1,065 members of staff as at 31 December 2016. The Group’s parent company, Dexia, is a public limited company (société anonyme) and financial company governed by Belgian law whose shares are listed on Euronext Brussels. The Belgian and French States own 94.4% of the Group since the end of 2012 when they made a EUR 5.5 billion capital injection reserved for them. As a significant bank(2), Dexia has been under the direct prudential supervision of the European Central Bank within the framework of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) since 4 November 2014, as is Dexia Crédit Local Group and the French outer scope. Dexia and Dexia Crédit Local managed under an orderly resolution plan since the end of 2011. Approved by the European Commission in December 2012, Dexia’s orderly resolution plan aims to avoid the Group’s bankruptcy and liquidation which, given its residual size, could be destabilising to the entire European banking sector. In order to enable the orderly resolution, the Belgian, French and Luxembourg States granted a liquidity guarantee for a maximum principal amount of EUR 85 billion to Dexia Crédit Local, which is consequently the issuer of Dexia Group under the State guarantee format. Dexia Crédit Local no longer has any commercial activities and is now solely focused on managing its assets in run-off, mainly public sector and sovereign assets, while protecting the interests of the Group’s State shareholders and guarantors. To meet this objective, Dexia and Dexia Crédit Local have established three strategic goals:

Bank Name Dexia crédit local
Stock Exchange EBR
Symbol DEXB
Sector Financial Services
Industry Banks – Regional – Europe
Country France
World Region Europe
Chairman Mr. Wouter J. M. O. Devriendt
CEO Mr. Wouter J. M. O. Devriendt
Employees 924
Registered Year 1996


13.04.18 – Positive Impact From First Applications of IFRS 9