Bank of the Ozarks

Bank of the Ozarks was founded in 1903 as a small community bank in Jasper, Arkansas. We added an additional bank in Ozark, Arkansas, in 1937.

In 1979, George Gleason, a 25-year-old attorney, purchased controlling interest and assumed active management of the bank as chairman of the board and chief executive officer.

From the beginning of his tenure, Mr. Gleason instilled a personal commitment to excellence, fair dealing, and exceptional customer service. These priorities have become cornerstones of the bank’s character, even as we have grown to over 250 offices in ten states under Mr. Gleason’s continued stewardship.

We take great pride in knowing you, our customers. We understand that these relationships, along with our expertise, are the best ways to discover just the right financial solutions to suit your needs.

At Bank of the Ozarks, we offer an incredible array of the very best personal and business banking services geared to offer convenience and safety while helping you attain your goals.

Our purpose is not to be the biggest bank – but to simply be the best one.

Bank NameBank of the Ozarks
Stock ExchangeLSE
IndustryMajor Banks
CountryUnited States
World Region"North America "
ChairmanMr. George G. Gleason II
CEOMr. George G. Gleason II
Registered Year1981

  2017 2016 2015
  € m € m € m
Total interest income 933 663 410
Total Interest Expenses 115 61 28
Net Interest income 817 602 382
Total Net Revenue 940 703 487
Earnings per share      
Basic 3.36 2.59 2.1
Diluted 3.35 2.58 2.09
Total current assets 25,357 9,67,781 1,39,357
Other assets 1,79,18,454 1,52,25,713 86,89,176
Total assets 2,12,75,647 1,88,90,142 98,79,459
Total current liabilities 1,72,61,676 1,57,32,914 82,52,19
Total liabilities 1,78,14,919 1,60,95,271 84,11,665
Total Equity 34,60,728 27,91,607 14,64,631
Net income 4,21,891 2,69,979 1,82,253
Net cash provided by operating activities 384 242 201
Net cash used for investment activities 2,630 2,284 1,335
Net cash provided by financing activities 1,820 2,818 1,074
Currency in EUR, All numbers in million.      

United States
Little Rock