Atom Bank plc

Atom Bank provides digital and commercial banking services. The Company offers a full range of products, including current accounts and mortgages for both retail and business customers.We’re building this bank for you. We’ll learn and adapt to you, celebrating your individuality in every way. Your logo, your name, your colours (yes really!). Atom, uniquely yours.As a marketer, I’ve heard endless times the phrase ‘every customer is unique’ but when you think about it, hardly any businesses actually reflect this in what they deliver. Most organisations have distinctly formalised identities, one that doesn’t change and one that certainly doesn’t recognise their customers’ uniqueness. Building a digital bank frees the mind, no longer are you constrained by static imagery, set colour-ways or prescribed ways of behaving, your identity can morph and change, a bit like Google’s does. 

Bank Name Atom Bank plc
Stock Exchange
Sector Personal Finance
Industry Banking
Country United Kingdom
World Region Europe
Employees 250
Registered Year 2014