Applied DNA Sciences Inc

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc., incorporated on December 17, 2008, is engaged in creating security solutions addressing the challenges of modern commerce. The Company is also engaged in the large-scale production of specific deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequences using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The Company's principal technology platform includes SigNature DNA, SigNature T DNA, fiberTyping, DNAnet, digitalDNA, SigNify and Beacon. The Company's SigNify IF portable DNA reader provides definitive real-time authentication of SigNature DNA in the field-DNA becomes a solution for supply chain integrity.SigNature DNA is the Company's platform ingredient, at the core of all its security solutions. It provides forensic power and protection for a range of applications. SigNature DNA markers are an ingredient that can be used to fortify brand protection efforts; strengthen supply chain security, and mark, track and convict criminals. Custom DNA sequences can be embedded into a range of host carriers, including ink, varnish, thread, laminates and metal coatings. Each individual marker is recorded and stored in a database so that it can later detect it using a spot test, or the marks can be forensically analyzed to obtain definitive proof of the presence or absence of a specific type of SigNature DNA marker (such as one designed to mark a particular product). Its in-lab forensic testing for authenticity results in an expert witness Certificate of DNA Authentication (CODA). SigNature DNA can fold into production and logistics workflows.

Bank Name Applied DNA Sciences Inc
Stock Exchange NASDAQ
Symbol APDNW
Sector Industrials
Industry Other Consumer Services
Country United States
World Region Amarica
Chairman Dr. James A. Hayward
CEO Dr. James A. Hayward
Employees 55
Registered Year 2002