Alianca do Brazil

Aliança is a company focused on the needs of its clients, with a strong teamwork culture and an elevated commitment to service excellence. Currently, the company has offices in the main Brazilian ports, is the leader in cabotage transport and one of the largest employers of maritime professionals in the Brazilian market. The history of Aliança Navegação e Logística is intertwined with the history of Brazilian commercial shipping. Carl Fischer, a German, founded Aliança in 1950. The company began its operations with just one ship, which transported fruit between Brazil and Argentina.When Carl Fischer created Aliança, it was the only private coastal shipping (cabotage) company. The company gained strength through the philosophy of ploughing profits back into the business and constantly modernizing. By 1959, the company had captured 50% of the market transporting refrigerated meat between Brazil and Argentina under the Brazilian flag, thus establishing its presence in Mercosul.Between 1965 and 1991, the company commissioned 30 new ships. In 1967, Aliança began operating internationally, shipping to European ports on the Atlantic. From 1991, the service expanded to include the American market.

Bank Name Alianca do Brazil
Stock Exchange
Industry Insurance
Country Brazil
World Region South America
Chairman Mr. Paulo Sergio Freire de Carvalho
Registered Year 1870